Bring your home decor products to life with 3D and Augmented Reality

Drive up conversions for home accessories with interactive 3D 

Visitors that interact with a product in 3D are more likely to place an order. Enhance the home decor shopping experience by empowering customers to try before they buy and watch your conversion rate soar. 

Delve into the benefits of 3D product visualization.

Help your customer make better-informed decisions

Take the guesswork out of online shopping by helping customers visualize your products as they would in-store. 

From selecting paintings to pillows, 3D with Augmented Reality lets shoppers see products in their chosen environment, understand product dimensions, and resolve the uncertainty in the moment. 

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Reduce return rates by up to 3x

Enjoy lower product return rates by equipping your customer with all they need to know to make the right purchase decisions. From view-in-room to try-on experiences, augmented shopping brings eCommerce to another level.

Let customers experience your products in a brand new way

Kitchen Faucet

Chandelier Ceiling Light

Bunny Toilet Paper Holder

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