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Enable your customers to view, rotate, zoom in or out on any product or view products in their home

Interactive 3D Viewer and HD 360 Viewer

CGTrader’s interactive 3D viewer allows users to view, rotate, and zoom in or out on any of your 3D models from web or mobile browsers on any device. Our 3D viewer empowers your customers to interact with your products the way they want. They can even check to see how the product looks in their home with the help of mobile AR technology. Help your customers make better purchasing decisions by allowing them to view your products from every angle via 3D viewer, or virtually place them in their chosen environment through Augmented Reality.

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Engaging product experience with 3D Viewer

Give your customers an authentic product showcase. Even if your goods are identical to your competitors, when customers see them in 3D they will look more authentic and engaging. By giving your customers a closer look at your products in 3D, you’ll ensure they remain on and engaged with your website for as long as possible. This won’t just boost the likelihood of making a sale, it can also lead to an increase in your SEO rankings.

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Showcase how your products work with 3D viewer’s interactive elements

3D viewer technology can accurately recreate how your products function, allowing your shoppers to understand your products better than any photograph could.

Let your shoppers interact with your products in 3D. CGTrader can create an interactive workflow where your shoppers can click on 3D models, triggering them. For example, they might click on a closet door, opening it to see the interior or even moving elements around inside it.

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HD 360 Viewer for the highest quality 3D experience

Present your products with the highest definition images available. Allow your shoppers to rotate products 360 degrees, zoom using 4K technology, and show product details in high definition. Deliver your shoppers a personalized online shopping experience via 360 viewer.

Chair 360 Viewer

Flexibility over design

Enjoy the flexibility to change various 3D model elements, such as lighting, product angles, configurations, decor, colors, textures, and more. Pay for a single 3D model creation and transform it to unlimited color variations for a fraction of a cost.

Scalable 3D rendering
Texture variations of a 3D model
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Bring interactive 3D product experience to your customers!


A 3D viewer is an application that allows for 3D model viewing on a product page or through Augmented Reality. 3D model viewer allows users to interact with 3D model by zooming in and out and rotating.

A 360 Viewer, also know as 360 Rotator, allows for a 360-degree product view, displaying product in high definition from all angles and perspectives.

All CGTrader ARsenal 3D solutions, including our 3D viewer, can be integrated with Wordpress, Shopify, Magento and all the other major ecommerce platforms.

You can generate a code snippet for embeds within the CGTrader ARsenal platform and then copy-paste it into the backend of your ecommerce platform to display it on your website.

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What our customers love about CGTrader?

Nurturing our relationships with customers is our ongoing task!

CGTrader ARsenal has allowed us to accelerate the roll-out of AR with minimal effort and resources and has enabled us to present our full portfolio to customers without having to pay for expensive real estate space.

Tom de Vos, Fatboy eCommerce Director

Tom de Vos,

Fatboy eCommerce Director

Fatboy video

CGTrader ARsenal is the ideal solution to overcome barriers to adoption of AR and VR across our online platform. It combines the full scalability, ease of implementation and efficient 3D model delivery that we require. We’ve decided this is the right platform on which to build our AR and VR customer strategy.

Juergen Schuster, Founder and CEO, Garten und Freizeit

Juergen Schuster,

Founder and CEO, Garten und Freizeit

Garten&Freizeit video
We wanted to work with someone who was working with the native application in Shopify and that’s where CGTrader ARsenal led the most. You weren’t selling me a service, an app that plugs in. It’s not an iFrame that gets loaded into a page, it’s something we can plug and play directly into our Shopify store. CGTrader ARsenal has a very robust 3D model revision platform, where you can upload the 3D model, point to certain things, and say “fix this, fix that“. I think that is a game-changer in this space. Also, the cost was a factor and CGTrader was commercially priced, allowing us to roll it out at scale.
Vince Lebon, Founder, CEO and Designer, Rollie Nation

Vince Lebon,

Founder, CEO and Designer, Rollie Nation

At Crate and Barrel and CB2, providing the highest quality digital visualizations of our products to inspire our customers is of utmost importance. Our collaborative efforts with CGTrader help us reach our standards of photorealistic imagery, and the augmented reality assets they create enable our customers to see products anytime, anywhere. CGTrader not only shares our standards for quality, but they’ve been proactive in listening and improving their work processes with us, which is refreshing.

Geoffrey Mark,

Associate Director, CGI Strategy and Operations

At Elsie Home, our goal is to help make our customers homes beautiful in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In order to do that we have chosen to reduce waste where we can. Shipping pillows takes materials, energy and time. Any way we can reduce the amount of returns we ship and receive helps us achieve our goal of reduced waste. With CGTrader's 3D model and AR tools we are able to give our customers the opportunity to see how the pillow looks in their home before they hit the buy button. This gives our customer the confidence and reassurance they need to know that their pillow will look great in their home before they see it in person. This is a win-win situation for Elsie Home and our customers.

The CGTrader team has been nothing but amazing when it comes to understanding our vision and helping to implement it. I look forward to a long term partnership going forward.
Lauren Meichtry, CEO/Founder, Elsie Home

Lauren Meichtry,

CEO/Founder, Elsie Home

Surveys of our customers showed that not being able to touch and feel our products was the biggest point of friction to buying online. Augmented reality and 3D modelling allowed us to bring our customers one step closer to the real thing by giving them the opportunity to get up close and personal with our products and visualise what their purchase would look like in their own fitness space! We were blown away by all aspects of this job. The quality of the model was excellent (despite us providing them with a very complicated model). The communication was fantastic with an extremely streamlined review portal and process. The team also completed the work before the proposed deadline. Will definitely be using CGTrader again.
Josh Hancock, eCommerce and Online Marketing Manager, Gym and Fitness

Josh Hancock,

eCommerce and Online Marketing Manager, Gym and Fitness

My experience on CGTrader was fantastic! The models that I purchased were very high quality, which allowed me to drop them into my project immediately. The customer support staff at CGTrader was amazing and resolved my issue within a short period of time!

Ed Miller,

XR Design Developer, Microsoft

CGTrader is my favorite 3D source because of the range of assets you expose.

Jason Crist,

Technology Scout, Nike

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