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Funding announcement visuals

Next chapter: we have raised $9.5M in funding

The news is finally out! 🎉

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have secured $9.5M in series B funding and welcomed Ex-Rovio CEO Mikael Hed as our Board Chairman. Michael Hed is best known for taking the Finnish entertainment company Rovio from a small mobile games startup to a global entertainment company with its Angry Birds phenomenon. We’re looking forward to applying those global scaling lessons to our products.

CGTrader is at the forefront of driving the worldwide adoption of 3D and AR technologies. And we’re about to take it to a whole new level!

Thank you for your trust, loyalty, and incredible work

Our journey began in 2011. Since the founding of our marketplace, we have always strived to create the best and most designer-friendly opportunities for our members, which has quickly earned the community’s trust and made CGTrader a true ally of 3D artists in the 3D ecosystem. We have worked tirelessly to help designers and studios earn a living from their work, continuously improving our platform and its capabilities. So it would be an understatement to say that we’re incredibly proud to be the world’s largest 3D content provider, with 1.1M 3D models and 3.5M 3D designers on board. Our community’s trust and loyalty is the greatest achievement so far.

From day one, our vision within CGTrader has been twofold: to build a product that is designer-first and create an ecosystem that connects businesses to the world’s top 3D talent and technology solutions. I’m grateful for every member of the CGTrader community who put their trust in us and was part of this fantastic growth ride – none of this would have been possible without you! Our focus remains dedicated to further improving our marketplace and ARsenal enterprise platform to create new opportunities for our community and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for product improvements. Thank you for being part of this journey!

— Marius Kalytis, Co-founder and COO at CGTrader.

Today, more than 370,000 businesses are sourcing assets on CGTrader Stock Marketplace, and leading eCommerce brands and retailers are using CGTrader ARsenal to create amazing product visuals using custom-made 3D models. The ARsenal enterprise platform is trusted by brands like Nike, Microsoft,, Crate & Barrel, and Staples and is a new driver of growth going forward.

The rapid growth of the CGTrader ARsenal platform is welcome news for everyone. Not only is it an accurate representation of the worldwide shift to 3D content, but is also a lucrative destination for talented 3D designers who have the opportunity to work with the world’s best-known companies. Anyone can apply and get in on the opportunity!

3D visualizations and AR-powered product experiences allow us to present our products and engage with customers in a completely new way. As we move away from traditional photography to 3D product visualization, CGTrader’s highly photorealistic 3D models allow us to offer compelling brand experiences that drive sales, dramatically reduce buyer’s remorse and ultimately, redefine the concept of traditional retail

— Alex Hamilton, Head of Technology Innovation at, one of the customers at CGTrader ARsenal.

3D is the new photography

Our CEO and co-founder Dalia Lasaite shares the bigger vision of the company.

3D models are not only widely used in professional 3D industries, but have become a more convenient and cost-effective way of generating amazing product visuals for eCommerce as well. With our ARsenal enterprise platform, it is up to ten times cheaper to produce photorealistic 3D visuals that are indistinguishable from photographs. Unlike photos, 3D models can also be used to create not just static images but highly interactive AR experiences when users can see how products look and fit in their home. Traditional photography is quickly becoming obsolete in eCommerce, and online in general.

As 3D and AR technologies move into the mainstream, we’re gearing up for a high-growth stage. More resources will allow us to accomplish our mission even faster and create an abundance of opportunities for our talented designer community. We will continue to invest heavily in our marketplace and ARsenal platform to further improve speed, reliability, and overall capabilities to provide best-in-class experiences for our customers and users.

We are grateful for your continued support – you inspire, wow, and delight us every day. And we hope you join us on a mission to take the web to the third dimension!