Visualizing Home Furnishings in the Home

e‑Commerce is fast becoming a force to reckon within home furnishing; Statista projects that by 2021, 27% of total revenue will come from online sales. And today — no matter where they ultimately purchase — over 90% of your customers start their journey by browsing online. But larger, more expensive products naturally pose a bigger risk for online shoppers. That’s what makes 3D Visualization such a «must have» for furniture and home decor.

CGTrader has a wealth of experience in furniture and home décor, working with top furniture retailers in the US and Europe.

«CGTrader ARsenal is the ideal solution to overcome barriers to adoption of AR and VR across our online platform. It combines the full scalability, ease of implementation and efficient 3D model delivery that we require. We’ve decided this is the right platform on which to build our AR and VR customer strategy.»

Juergen Schuster, Founder and CEO, Garten und Freizeit

Juergen Schuster,

Founder and CEO, Garten und Freizeit


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