3D is So in Fashion

The Fashion industry is one of the most powerful growth engines in e‑Commerce. Online sales from just Accessories and Bags for example is expected to reach $85 billion by 2020. But Fashion returns are estimated to be between 30% to 50% - amounting to losses of hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

3D viewer and Augmented Reality play a major role in instilling buyer confidence in an industry that is all about design and brand.

Our photorealistic image quality combined with expert 3D modeling and 3D rendering services are enabling fashion retailers and jewelry designers to bring new innovative product experiences to their customers.

Convertible Mini Julian Backpack by Rebecca Minkoff

Scan and try.
Qr code for scan and try in AR Barrel Darren Shoulder Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

Scan and try in AR Darren Shoulder Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

Darren Shoulder Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

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